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Command Description Usage
8ball Play 8ball! s?8ball [random word]
catboy Grabs a random image of a catboy. s?catboy
catgirl Grabs a random image of a catgirl. s?catgirl
drunk Tells you how drunk you are. s?drunk [user]
flip Flips a coin. s?flip
howgay Rates how gay you are. s?howgay [user]
meme Grabs a random meme. s?meme
pokedex WHOS THAT POKEMON!?!?!? s?pokedex [name|number]
rps Rock! Paper! Scissors! Gun...? s?rps [rock|paper|scissors]
ship Rates how well two users would ship together. s?ship [user1] [user2]
yugioh Searches ygoprodeck for yugioh card information. s?yugioh [name|number]
anime Gets information for an anime via Kitsu s?anime [name]
donate Gives you the donation information. s?donate
help Gives you a list of commands. s?help [category]
info Gives you info about the bot. s?info
link Connects your server to the Portal Network s?link
manga Gets information for an manga via Kitsu s?manga [name]
prefix Sets the prefix for your server. s?prefix set [prefix]
setup Sets up the bot for your server.[Must be performed to use the prefix command] s?setup
skin Gets the skin for a Minecraft(Java) Account. s?skin [username]
snipe Gets the most recently deleted message in the channel. s?snipe
unlink Disconnects your server to the Portal Network s?unlink
uptime Tells you the uptime of the bot. s?uptime
urban Searches Urban Dictionary for a word. s?urban [word]
ban BEGONE THOT!!!! s?ban [user] [reason]
kick BEGONE THOT!!!! (but you can still come back) s?kick [user] [reason]
mute shut. s?mute [user] [time] [reason]
purge Purge this chat of all it's sins. s?purge [number]
softban Useful for removing all of a user's messages s?softban [user] [reason]
unmute speak. s?unmute [user]
warn Stop sending porn in general. s?warn [user] [reason]
bassboost You have lost your ear privileges. s?bassboost
join Yes am here s?join
leave Aight imma head out. s?leave
loop Loops the music.Loops the music.Loops the music.Loops the music.Loops the music.Loops the music... s?loop
nowplaying Wait what song is this? s?nowplaying
pause Pauses t s?pause
play Sami, play despacito. s?play [song name|video url|playlist url]
queue what is the "ueue" for s?queue
remove Wrong song s?remove [number]
shuffle Stuefues hhe qfeel. s?shuffle
skip I don't like this song s?skip
unpause unpause s?unpause
danbooru Grabs images from danbooru. s?danbooru [tags(seperated by commas)]
gelbooru Grabs images from gelbooru. s?gelbooru [tags(seperated by commas)]
hentaibomb TACTICAL NUKE, INCOMING!!!! s?hentaibomb [tags(seperated by commas)]
rule34 Grabs images from rule34. s?rule34 [tags(seperated by commas)]
blush ·///////· s?blush
boop Boop that snoot! s?boop [user]
cry Sad. s?cry
cuddle Cuddles! s?cuddle [user]
hug Require hug. s?hug [user]
kill Stab stab stab! s?kill [user]
kiss I love you! s?kiss [user]
pat Free headpats! s?pat [user]
pout Hmmph! s?pout
slap Bitch. s?slap [user]
sleepy *Yawn* s?sleepy
smile Happy! s?smile
thinking Hmmmm.... s?Thinking
avatar Gets someones avatar s?avatar
base64 Q29udmVydHMgdGV4dCB0byBiYXNlNjQ=r s?base64 [text]
color Whats your favorite color? s?color [hex|rgb|hsl]
emoji Emoji s?emoji [emoji]
invite Invite me to your server(or join mine) s?invite
ping pong s?ping
poll Pokemon go to the polls s?poll [question] [-yn | : option1, option2, option3, option4]
server Gives you the server information s?server
user Gives you information about a user s?user [user]