Command Description Usage
donate Sami does not charge you to use any features, but hosting Sami costs money. Please consider donating. s?donate
help Provides information about a command or category. s?help <Command|Category>
info Sends information about me. s?info <advanced|packages>
invite Add Sami to your server! s?invite
setup Sets up the samisettings channel for your server. s?setup
suggest suggest ideas for features and commands s?suggest
uptime Sends the time Sami has been running for. s?uptime
8ball Play 8ball s?8ball [random word]
babucat cat s?babucat
blackjack Starts a game of blackjack. s?blackjack
cat Gets a random cat picture. s?cat
catboy Sends a cute catboy. s?catboy
catgirl Sends a cute catgirl. s?catgirl
corn c o r n s?corn
dog Gets a random doggo picture. s?dog
drunk heri deurfn ar e you s?drunk <@user>
goose Hjonk Hjonk s?goose
howgay Rates how gay you are. s?howgay <@user>
game Insults a game. s?insultgame
meme Sends funny memes s?meme
nuggies Chicken nuggies! s?nuggies
rps Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! gunfire s?rps
sans The easiest enemy. Can only deal 1 damage. s?sans
ship I ship it! s?ship user user
flip Flips an image. s?flip
caption Adds captions to images. s?caption
flop flops an image. s?flop
greyscale Makes images greyscale. s?greyscale
mirror Mirrors an image. s?mirror
rorrim .egami na srorriM s?rorrim
vmirror Vertically mirrors an image. s?vmirror
eval Evaluation: your dick is small s?eval code
link Summons a portal in your server s?link
nick Changes your nickname. s?nick [nickname]
prefix Server prefixes. s?prefix <set|get> <prefix>
reload reload a command s?reload command
rules Sends the rules for portals. s?rules
snipe s?snipe
unlink Removes a portal in your server s?unlink
ban Ban that bitch s?ban @user
channel Channel management. s?channel
kick stop sending porn in general s?kick @user
mute Shut. s?mute @user time
purge shhhhhh s?purge number
role manipulate roles s?role
softban Ban that bitch(but not really) s?softban @user
topic Changes the topic of the channel you are in. s?topic [topic|message id]
unban unban that ok person s?unban @user
unmute speak s?unmute @user reason
warn Stop. s?warn @user
bassboost BOOOOOOST s?bassboost
join Make Sami join your vc s?join
leave bye s?leave
loop Brother give me lööps s?loop
nowplaying this is playing s?nowplaying
pause pause s?pause
play Sami, play despacito s?play songname/url
queue view the queue s?queue
remove Yeet the song out of your queue s?remove songid
shuffle puts cards on table and slides them around s?shuffle
skip eww wtf is this s?skip
unpause continue s?unpause
volume sets the volume of the song s?volume
boobs I mean some serious honkers. A real set of badonkers. Packin some dobonhonkeros. Massive dohoonkabhankoloos. Big ol' tonhongerekoogers. s?boobs
cum She wants to dominate you s?cum
danbooru lewd s?danbooru tags
feet This command only exists because I was paid to make it. s?feet
femboy She has a dick? s?femboy
femdom She wants to dominate you s?femdom
futa She has both? s?futa
gelbooru gelbooru s?gelbooru tags
hentaibomb bombs the channel with lust and lewd s?hentaibomb tags
rule34 34 s?rule34 tags
yaoi yaoi is hot. s?yaoi
yuri Yuri is justice. s?yuri
blush Someone's face is lookin a bit red. s?blush
bonk Send them to horny jail. s?bonk [@user]
boop boop that [email protected] s?boop @user
cry d- don't cry! here, have a lollipop! s?cry
cuddle Cuddles! s?snuggle @user
fuck sex. s?fuck
highfive Slap my hand s?highfive @user
hug Sometimes you just need a hug. s?hug [@user]
kill Stab Stab Stab! s?kill @user
kiss :heart_eyes: s?kiss [@user]
lick LEWD. s?nom [@user]
nom Yummy. s?nom [@user]
pat Please pat my head. s?pat [@user]
pout Hmmph! s?pout
slap No description provided. s?slap [@user]
sleepy Me want sleep s?sleepy
smile :slight_smile: s?smile
think T H O N K s?thinking
anime Searches My Anime List for an anime. s?anime [anime]
crypto Gets information about crypto currencies. s?crypto [currency]
im Searches MAL for an anime character. s?im
img Searches google for images. s?img
lyrics Gets the lyrics of a song. s?lyrics [song name]
manga Searches My Anime List for Manga. s?manga [manga]
pokedex WHOS THAT POKEMON? s?pokedex id/name
skin fetch a minecraft skin s?skin <head|cube|body> [username]
urban Searches urban dictionary for a word/term s?urban word/term
yugioh Search for a yugioh card s?yugioh cardname/id
avatar Retrieves the avatar of a user. s?avatar
base64 . base64 <encode|decode> message
color Provides information for a color. s?color [#RRGGBB|rgb(red, blue, green)]
emoji Manages emojis. s?emoji <clone|add|remove> [emoji]
mcstats Gets info on Minecraft servers. s?mcstats
ping view Sami's latency s?ping
poll start a poll s?poll channel option, title : option s?poll channel title -YN (For a yes or no poll)
server view your server information s?server
statistics view Sami's statistics s?statistics
user view a user's info s?user (@user)